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Zakład obwodów drukowanych KONO
Our primary objective is to achieve a maximum satisfaction of our clients and to attend individually to each
customer. Our highlights are: high quality of products, short order execution time and competitive prices!
The owners of the company intend to widen the activity and to increase the number of Polish as well as foreign clients. It will be possible due to the production of multilayer printed circuit boards and the highest quality of single- and double-sided PCBs.
We offer:
   • accuracy and precision,
   • on time delivery,
   • full care - from the prototype to the production series.
Format files:
   • Gerber
   • Eagle
   • Protel
What we do:
   • single-layer pcb,
   • double-layer pcb,
   • multilayer pcb up to 6-layers,
   • direct metal plating (BlackHole),
   • soldermask,
   • immersion gold (ATOTECH),
   • galvanic gold (ATOTECH),
   • peelable mask,
   • HAL lead-free,
   • screen printing,
   • v-cutting, milling,
   • electrical testing.
Basic material:
   • FR4,
   • FR4 with aluminium.

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